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Can’t film something because it’s too small, dangerous or expensive? Or because it doesn’t exist yet? Then 3D animation is the ideal solution.

How does Swörl design a 3D image or video?

1. Designing

You send us photos or existing CAD drawings of what may be featured.

We’d also happily come to your showroom or factory to take pictures. With these, 3D objects are designed.

2. Materials

All 3D objects are colored with materials. Existing textures such as wood or fabric can come from our library.

We can also draw custom textures, such as the icons on a remote control.

3. Image or animation

We create a composition with the 3D objects, lights and a background.

With that, images can be calculated, or a camera can move through the scene to create an animation.

Feel like discussing your project?

Then we will have an online coffee and find
an animation, illustration of 3D drawing that suits you.