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How can video animation support your business?

Swörl is an Antwerp-based creative animation studio.
We will convert your message into a video animation
with a clear story and fresh graphics.

Check out a few recent animations or head to our portfolio to see more

A short funny animation for social channels in which online pharmacy Farmaxx introduces itself to new customers.

This explainer animation employs humour and fun illustrations to show how Stroohm make electric cars accessible.

This animation features funny characters that help Belgian rail managers to communicate better with their colleagues.

Beautiful animations of trains in different landscapes show how Port of Antwerp helps to get freight traffic off the road.

The City of Beringen shows off its online office: don’t leave your couch to download applications, permits, reports and more.

3D animation – Lamifil

This 3D animation shows workers how to safely install a high-voltage Lamifil overhead conductor.

Can video animation help your business?

to discuss how animation
can help you reach your goals.

to discuss how animation can help you reach your goals.

How does Swörl create your animation?

Sander schrijft scenario

Can Swörl write a script for me?

We turn your briefing into a script that grabs your audience attention and speaks to them clearly and convincingly.

prijzen van animatie

How much does animation cost?

We find a good solution for every budget: short or long, with custom illustrations or with material from our extensive library.

animatie wordt snel gemaakt

When can I expect delivery?

We work at your pace, ranging from 2 weeks of intense collaboration, to a quieter pace that works with your busy schedule.

Swörl has been telling stories for companies, NGOs and governments since 2008.
Our experience guarantees an animation
that will captivate your audience and give your story more impact

Swörl clients overview