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Animations, illustrations and 3D

Swörl creates swinging animations, hand-drawn illustrations and 3D drawings. With these we create beautiful, funny or enlightening content for your communication.

Recent projects we are proud of

An image says more than… you know it. Say no to press releases and texts without images.

Swörl? Who is that?

Swörl is Sander Spolspoel: more than 20 years of experience in design and animation for small and large companies in and around Belgium.

Backed by an extensive network of translators, voices, filmmakers and other experts.

You might be wondering…

No style

Swörl has no fixed graphic style. Indeed, we are constantly looking for fresh new ways to create images.

Cartoon characters, swinging app interfaces, photorealistic 3D images, lines and bleeps on video images: it’s all possible.

Feel like discussing your project?

Then we will have an online coffee and find
an animation, illustration of 3D drawing that suits you.