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How is an animation made?

After an in-depth discussion about your business, we make a plan and write an appealing scenario.
We draw illustrations that support the text and present it attractively.
Finally, we make everything move and your animation will come to life.

Step 1: an animation project starts with a solid strategy

We’ll ask you for input with questions like

  • What’s the target audience for this video?
  • Which arguments are most important to them?

Plan for maximum impact on every channel:

  • How can we maximise the exposure of your video?
  • Do you need subtitles, translations, or a square edit?
How do we create animations?

Step 2: we write a strong scenario

How do we create animations?

Sometimes a screenplay contains only 200 words. That is why every letter is weighed and measured. Swörl uses storytelling techniques that make your story recognisable and present complex ideas in a simple way. We make the viewers fall in love with an idea.

How do we write a scenario together?

We work in an online document. Or we may write the story together during a co-creation workshop. You provide the information, and we make sure it sounds good and has a touch of humour.

Step 3: a voice-over artist records your scenario

The right voice for your story

A voice-over is like a guide that helps you through the story. Swörl works with voice-over artists from all over the world. We choose a voice actor who will appeal to your target audience. These professionals make recordings in their own studio, to ensure a quick turnaround time.

Not every animation needs sound

Social videos are easier to follow when text is visible. These days, most videos are subtitled.

How do we create animations?

Step 4: illustrations bring your scenario to life

Illustrated characters are perfect when emotions are central to the story. The viewer will sympathise with the situation depicted.

Example: “How do you best give feedback to your team?

When we show complex relationships or explain how an app works, we use motion graphics.

Example: “How do you manage digital data in your company?

3D animation shows how a complex machine or a technical process works. The 3D camera shows the smallest detail of your design.

Example: “How to install a high-voltage cable“.

Step 5: your illustrations move to become an animation

While animating, we move clouds in the wind, figures start to walk through the city and smoke billows from chimneys.

The camera comes closer to focus on a detail, then takes a step back to give you an overview. 

We make the animation easy to follow, but at the same time beautiful and fascinating to watch.

Can video animation help your business?

to discuss how animation
can help you reach your goals.

to discuss how animation can help you reach your goals.